The process of selling your home can be long, tedious, and stressful. For those without the time and patience to go through this, cash buyers come in handy. Why hassle with realtors, listings, inquiries, showings, and such other uncertainties when you can take a cash offer and close the deal within days? If you’re looking for Winnipeg cash house buyers, here are some factors that you need to consider:


Some cash buyers charge a fee even before they take a look at your house. They may call it an application fee or something similar. What exactly are you paying for here? If anything, you’re the seller. You should be the one receiving the money. You should not be paying anything, if at all before you know if the deal will be successful. Any company requiring you to pay in advance could be a scammer. A genuine Winnipeg cash house buyer will take you through the process free of charge.


Some dealers masquerade as cash buyers while they’re actually brokers. They’ll employ some delaying tactics while they’re actually looking for a buyer. Dealing with them could be even more frustrating than dealing with realtors.

If a buyer claims to be offering cash for homes in Winnipeg, the timelines should be clearly defined. A cash deal should only take weeks, a month at most. Some buyers even manage to close a deal in a single day. Imagine that; contacting a buyer and receiving your check that very day. Unless your schedule dictates otherwise, a few weeks is all it should take when selling your house for cash.


People opt to sell their houses for cash for various reasons, the most common being financial distress. Late mortgage payments, looming foreclosure, bankruptcy, or emergencies requiring quick cash. Some buyers could take advantage of the situation, sensing your desperation, to offer you an unjustly cheap offer. It’s an injustice, but with all the odds stacked against you; you might just take it.

Even when seeking a quick deal, look for a Winnipeg cash for homes dealer who is fair. A cash sale is no reason to rip you off. Start by researching the value of your home, so you can have an idea of what to expect. If the cash offer is slightly below it; that’s in order. Remember cash buyers take the house without requiring any repairs and do not charge commissions either.

Buying condition

Will your Winnipeg cash house buyer take the house as it is? Or are there some hidden conditions? Most buyers will display on their ads that they’ll take the house as is, but on-site they’ll backtrack and tell you to repair this or that. Buying the house as-is should mean just that; whether old, dirty, damaged, unfinished, cluttered, or whatever the case is. Make sure that the buyer confirms so that you’ll not be required to make any modifications to the house.

With that, you can be sure to end up with a legitimate buyer who will ensure that the process is fast and smooth.

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