Often homeowners in Winnipeg find that the home they purchased is not safe for them to live in since major repairs are required, so they wish to sell it at the earliest. In other cases, the home is too large and they are not able to carry out the repairs required to make it livable. In other cases, the homeowner has inherited the property or got it after a divorce and does not wish to live in it.

Typically if the homeowner wishes to sell the property he will usually contact a Winnipeg realtor to help in selling the property. However, the process of selling property through a realtor is time-consuming, so those who want cash quickly should contact a Winnipeg cash house buyer


The process of getting cash for homes in Winnipeg is clearly defined. The homeowner should provide photos or videos of the home to the cash house-buyer Winnipeg. Alternately the home buyer will visit the house at a time convenient to the homeowner, to inspect the house.

Then the Winnipeg cash house-buyer will make an offer for the house based on the current market prices for the house and other factors. Since we buy houses cash Winnipeg the homeowner will usually get an offer for the house within 48 hours of completion of the home inspection.

The homeowner can review the offer, and if the price is acceptable he can finalize the home sale. If the home buyer finds that the price is low, he is also free to reject the offer. If the home sale is finalized, we will work with the homeowner to finalize the payment and also when he will hand over the house.

Some homeowners have lived in the home for many years, so they will require some time for clearing the home. We complete all the legal formalities for closing the home, paying all the closing costs, and ensuring that the home seller receives his payment quickly.

Benefits of selling

There are many reasons why homeowners should consider our Winnipeg cash for homes offer instead of contacting realtors in Winnipeg for selling their homes. The realtors will often request the homeowner to repair the home to get a better price.

Repairing the home is a very time-consuming and expensive process. The realtors in Winnipeg will then search for a buyer, and only if the buyer is willing to pay the price which the seller demands, the home sale will be finalized. Realtors may take several months or even years for selling the home.

Reasons for selling home

In Winnipeg, we buy houses in cash because we usually will resell them, often after repairing them. Hence we are able to purchase all kinds of homes, including homes that require major repairs, suffering from termite, fire, or storm damage.

We can also purchase houses where the construction is not completed or old outdated houses. Some homeowners have problematic tenants, so selling the house is the best option. Many sellers have financial problems related to the home, especially a home mortgage, and we take care of all the legal paperwork.

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